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Children and adolescents

The department for children and adolescents provides services to children and adolescents up to 18 years of age with acquired brain injury, congenital brain injury or developmental disorders. Services include assessment, rehabilitation, counselling and treatment. The aim is to train academic abilities and to work with identity and social skills. For children and adolescents with acquired brain injury in particular, we emphasise the importance of family-centred rehabilitation in the local setting.

Memory and Attention Training AMAT-C

The Child & Youth Neurocentre offers supervision of the cognitive training programme AMAT-C (Amsterdam Memory and Attention Training for Children) including coordination tasks between parents, trainer and school. The training programme AMAT-C has proved to have a significant effect through testing in the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury has conducted research on the effects of AMAT-C training. Initial results indicate that, apart from improving memory and attention skills, children improve their self-concept and lower their level of depression. For more information, see Cognitive Training in Local Setting: Two Methodological Versions.

The programme runs for 20 weeks during which the child and trainer practice different assignments on each school day. A full programme thus consists of 100 training sessions.

The assignments are varied and play-like and the level of difficulty can be adjusted to fit the child’s ability level. The trainer is one of the child’s teachers and each session lasts approximately 45 minutes. The trainer receives weekly supervision from a professional with specialized knowledge of cognition and neuropedagogy. The training takes place on a one-to-one basis at the child’s school within normal school hours. This program is appropriate for those between 8-16 years of age. 

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