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For students and trainees

As a student you can take part in current research projects at the Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury as a research volunteer. You can also conduct research activities for ECT points, a thesis for a masters degree, a Ph.D. dissertation or Post-Doctoral studies.  All non-volunteer activities are in co-operation with a home university.

Requirements: Background and Experience

As regards being a student research volunteer, all students can apply regardless of research experience. Most projects will relate to neuropsychology, speech- and language therapy and physiotherapy.

As regards independent projects, students from different disciplines such as anthropology, sociology etc., are also invited to apply and project ideas will be subject to approval of content.

Projects pertaining to rehabilitation may require clinical knowledge. As such, clinical experience  is an advantage. However, should you not have the necessary clinical background, you will be offered supervision in conducting circumscribed tasks, when appropriate.

Benefits in being a research associate at the Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury

You will learn how research projects are constructed and gain practical experience in conducting projects. Research tasks, always under supervision, may include performing literature searches, participating in data collection, data analysis, and research administration.

- You will have an opportunity to observe clinical activities
- You will be involved in research for example litterature search, data collection, data analysis and research administration
- You will get free access to courses offered by the Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury.

For student research volunteers only

The Center requires at least 3 hours of project work per week and attendance at supervision meetings.


The student arrangement with Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury is flexible but you will be asked to give a general time frame for your stay with the Center and, specifically,  the amount of hours per week you can spend on the projects. This agreement can, of course be changed as required.

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